This has reference to a negotiation initiated by the Chief, EMD with the Security Agency. The Chief, SOSIA was informed of this and gave his guidance to Chief, EMD. In this connection, a 40 pieces of HIgh Powered Firearms(HPFA)will be turned over to Chief, EMD by a security agency.

SOSIA personnel conducted a post to post inspection re SUMVAC 2019 at ETON SENTRIS  with sec personnel of EIGHT ARMS SEC AGENCY and QUEZON MEMORIAL CIRCLE with the SGS Of  ABC RMO SEC AND INVESTIGATION  AGENCY they were reminded to be vigilant and observed heightened alert  status  in relation PNP OPLAN SUMVAC.


October 1, 1980 – Creation of Civil Security Force Command (CSFC)

– Tasked to exercise administrative and operational control in the regulation of the firearms, explosive, and security agency industries.

   Offices under CSFC:

  • Firearms and Explosives Unit (FEU)
  • Supervisory Unit for Security and Investigation Agency (SUSIA)
  • Reserve Affairs Unit (RAU)
  • Integrated Constabulary Home Defenses Force (ICHDF)
  • Regional Civil Security Force Districts (RCSFDs).

1991 – Philippine National Police (PNP) – Civil Security Command (CIVISCOM) and it took control of the following:

  • Firearms and Explosives Division (FED)
  • Security Agencies and Guards Supervision Division (SAGSD)
  • Law Enforcement Training Affairs Division (LETAD)
  • 16 Regional Civil Security District (RCSDs)
  • 5 Sub-districts in the National Capital Region (NCR)

1996 - CIVISCOM  was renamed as the Civil Security Group (CSG)

September 24, 2009, NAPOLCOM Resolution No. 2010-321:

  • FED was renamed to Firearms Explosives Office (FEO)
  • SAGSD was renamed to Supervisory Office for Security and Investigation Agencies (SOSIA)

 2011 - Upgrading of Rank of Director, CSG

  • May 10, 2011, NAPOLCOM Resolution No. 2011-136
  • Rank of CSG Director – Police Director

2016 - Activation of CSG Regional Civil Security Units (RCSUs)

  • April 5, 2016, DPL issued NHQ-PNP General Orders No. DPL-15-21 pursuant to NAPOLCOM Resolution No. 2016-24
  • November 2016, Operationalization of RCSUs


The Civil Security Group (CSG) is the main regulatory office of the Philippine National Police (PNP) that exercises administrative and operational control over the firearms, explosives and private security industries.


To efficiently and effectively administer regulatory services on firearms, explosives and private security industries